Oakdales Hot N' Tangy
                                                                   Kelleygreens Kardinal
                                      CH Keepsakes Cajun
                                                      Keepsakes I Love Lucy
                       LittleRiver Redheaded Stranger
                                                      CH Guildlines Master Card
                                       LittleRiver Strawberry Fields
                                                      Kelleygreesn Cayenne
Oakdales Hot N' Tangy (Tanner)
                                                      Hennings Mill The Big Chill
                                       Hennings Mill Hunt Club Foxy
                                                      Hennings Mill Calypso Beauty
                      WindFall's RedBuds Of Oakdale
                                                      CH Charway Of Maverick
                                       WindFall's Keepsake RoseBud
                                                      Kelleygreens Lady In Red
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal/Clear
PRA Normal/Clear, Eyes Cerf Normal/Clear
Heart Clear through color doppler