Stud Service for our Boys
All of our boys have had their OFA'd Hips & Elbows, Eyes Certified,
Hearts Cleared by color doppler,
EIC, PRA, RO/SD, HNPK, CM, DM, CT and Dilute tested
Stud Service is $1200.00

There is 2 ways you can choose to pay for the stud service.

1. Service fee of $300.00 which is non refundable and if your girl does not
have a litter (two puppies constitutes a litter), there is no future money due
and no repeat breeding. If you get 2 puppies or more you owe us the
balance of the stud service when the puppies are born, not when sold.  

2. Pay stud fee in full $1200.00 if your girl does not have a litter you
receive a repeat breeding with any girl you own to any boy/boys we own
outright. You will have two years to use that repeat breeding.
Stud fee is:

BISS CH Elkens Forged In Fire "Ford" $2500.00

$2000.00 For all other boys

Down the Red Brick Road To Elkens "Brick"

Red Hot Cyrus At Elkens

CH Elkens Leo CGC, SH

Elkens A Tug On The Heart Strings "Tug" CGC

Frozen Semen only

BISS CH Blackrivers Blowing Hot & Cold "Bear"
Elkens Bodhi  $2000.00

We have two options for stud service fee's

1.  Pay stud fee in full before the first breeding.  If
only 1 puppy or no puppies you will get
a free repeat breeding.

2. Pay service fee of $500.00 with remaining         
due when puppies are born.  If 1 puppy or no
puppies there is no free repeat breeding.

Frozen semen stud service is to
be paid in full before breeding
With Frozen semen there is no repeat
breeding as semen is tested to be of great
quality before and after freezing.

Any questions call