Elkens You Got A Friend In Me
Rachele is a full sister to Leo, Poppy, Iris and Rumor
Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes Cert,
Clear: EIC, PRA, CNM, DM, HNPK, Dilute Clear

                                                                 CH Keepsake Cajun
                                                Little River Redheaded Stranger
                                                                 Little River Strawberry Fields
                                  Oakdales Dunbat At Penara
                                                                 Hemmings Mill Hunt Club Foxy
                                                Winfall's Redbuds Of Oakdale
                                                                 Windfalls Keepsake Rosebud
               Red Hot Cyrus At Elkens
                                                                 BISS CH Tabatha's  Hunterleigh Timber
                                                CH Tabatha's Glacie Ridge Sumac
                                                                 CH Tabatha's Locket
                                  Penara's Shall We Dance?
                                                                 Penara's Rocket Science
                                                Penara's Punkin Pie
                                                                 Kelleygreens Cinnamon Teal
Elkens You've Got A Friend In Me "Rachele"
                                                                 BISS CH Windfall Pipe Major
                                                BISS CH Sureshot Hyspire Impressive
                                                                 CH Janrod Tammy Whynot
                                  BISS CH Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes
                                                                 BISS CH WIndfall Pipe Major
                                                CH Hypsire Pipn Hot
                                                                 BISS CH Hyspire Somethings Amiss
               CH Elkens Miss Bella
                                                                 BISS CH Marstad's Rochester Rhapsodie
                                                CH Topwater Cinderhill Mr. Elkens "Winsome"
                                                                 CH Saddlehill Cinderhill Mercy JH CGC
                                 Elkens Miss Cleo CGC
                                                                 Keepsakes Gulliver Travels
                                                Keepsakes Punkin CGC, CD, NAJ, TDI
                                                                 Keepsakes Tiger Lily