Int'l CH Elkens Steppin' Impressive
Born January 9th., 2006
OFA  Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Certified
Heart Clear/Normal through color Doppler
                                                                                                         BISS CH HYSPIRE DARKTOWN STRUTTER
                                                                                     BISS CH WINDFALL PIPE MAJOR
                                                                                                          BISS CH WINDFALL BLACK PIPER
                                                                   BISS CH SURESHOT HYSPIRE IMPRESSIVE
                                                                                                          INT.CH BISS CH RAINTREE SLIPPERY WHEN WET JH
                                                                                    CH JANROD TAMMY WHYNOT
                                                                                                          BISS CH JANNERA WAYS SUNNY SIDE UP CGC TDI
                                     CH GHOSTSTONE HYSPIRE DRESSED TO IMPRESS
                                                                                                         CH MARSHLAND BAKELA
                                                                                     BISS CH GHOSTSTONE'S LOUIE DOWNTOWN CD WC
                                                                                                          BISS CH BLACKTHORN SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE WC
                                                                  CH HYSPIRE GHOSTSTONE GLORIA JH
                                                                                                          BISS CH DICKENDALL ARNOLD
                                                                                     CH HYSPIRE SOMETHINGS AMISS
                                                                                                          HYSPIRE SOMETHING WICKED     
                                                                                                         ENG CH SANDYLANDS MY GUY
                                                                                     ENG CH SANDYLANDS GAG-ABOUT
                                                                                                          ENG CH SANDYLANDS BLISS
                                                                  CH LANGSHOTT GALE FORCE FROM KIMVALLEY
                                                                                                          NEWINN OAK LEAF AT KIMVALLEY
                                                                                     KIMVALLEY FOLLOW ON TO LANGSHOTT
                                                                                                          KIMVALLEY LAST FLING
                                     VISIONS GLORY GLORY HALEUJAH CGC, TDI
(Championship Pointed, Best of Breed Winner)
                                                                                                          CH LUBBERLINE WHITEWATER SPLASH
                                                                                     WHITEWATER'S SIMBA
                                                                                                          CH BREEZY'S WHIRLWIND WC, JH
                                                                   VISIONS RAISIN ARIZONA
                                                                                                          ENG SH CH ROCHEBY SAILING BY
                                                                                     VISIONS CATCH THE WIND
                                                                                                          VISIONS HYGATE RAVEN