Elkens Red Barron
Barron at 2 years old
Co-owned with Greg & Jeryl
                                                                         Scrimshaw Placido Flamingo
                                                        Keepsake's Gulliver Travels
                                                                          Kelleygreen's Lady In Red
                                           Keepsakes Brickhouse
                                                                          Keepsake's Drift'n Dickens
                                                        Keepsake's Tigerlilly
                                                                          Helluva Keepsake
                        Keepsake Great Balls Of Fire
                                                                          CH Sounders Easy Does It
                                                        Keepsake's Overeasy
                                                                          Keepsake's Flair For Red
                                           Keepsakes Boing
                                                                          Scrimshaw Placido
                                                        Keepsade's Pecan Praline
                                                                          Kelleygreens Lady In Red
Elkens Red Barron
                                                                          Chablasis Rhapsodie En Bleu
                                                        BISS CH Marstad's Rochester Rhasodie
                                                                          Marstad's Step Softly
                                           INT'L AM CH Topwater Cinderhill Mr. Elkens CGC, TDI
                                                                          BISS CH Cherry Oaks Dillon Sundance
                                                        INT'L AM CH Saddlehill Cinderhill Mercy JH, CGC
                                                                          CH Sundancer's Moonlight Sonata
                        Elkens Miss Cleo CGC, TDI
                                                                          Schrimshaw Placido Flamingo
                                                        Keepsakes Gulliver Travels
                                                                          Kelleygreens Lady In Red
                                           Keepsakes Punkin CGC, CD, NAJ, TDI
                                                                          Keepsakes Drift'N Dickens
                                                        Keepsakes Tiger Lily
                                                                          Helluva Keepsake
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Barron at 11 months
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Left normal, Right grade 1